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I'm Kaley,

Enchanted Ethers is a space for deep healing within the ethers to assist in transforming your reality.

Image by Katie Moum

My Story

Enchanted Ethers is not only my creation, it's my transport vessel that allows me to bring you the healing you deserve. It's a space I can list all I have to offer in hopes of being the piece of the healing puzzle you are looking for.

I've been sent here to aide in your healing and to assist you in created a reality aligned with your souls desire. 

My story began when life as I knew it fell apart right before my eyes. My parent's ended their marriage and everything that had been built to provide our family stability and safety began to crumble. My father's addiction took over him like a black cloud wiping out the sun, and he quickly spiraled out of control. It all left me feeling abandoned and exhausted as I tried to keep everything together as best I could. Then, as if the Universe threw me through an open door, I was led to yoga teacher training .. and everything shifted. I began to find the light within me I need to sustain a stable, safe, and loving environment. I'm still experiencing massive shifts and expansive growth and I've created this platform to share it all with you. 

My hope is that if you are feeling as lost, broken, and scared as I was when everything seemed to be falling apart and no amount of trying could keep it together.. I can be the resource you are looking for. My hope is to be a service to you, however that may be.

My hope is to show you the light within you and lift you up to touch the stars.


My Offerings


Weekly Yoga Classes

Meet me on the mat!


Healing Sessions

Connect to a higher version on you!


Teacher Training

Expand the horizon!


Events & Workshops

Dig a little deeper!


Sacred Ceremony

Embrace the frequency of celebration!


Private Leassons & Parties

Gather the gang on the mat!

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